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Støvbilde Engineaire
Gives the air filter a longer life

Engineeric prefilter, an extremely effective cyclone filter.
In some environments there are large amounts of dust, sand and other pollutants in the air. It may therefore be profitable to install a cyclone prefilter that saves your air filters too much. We store Enginaire cyclone filters that can be easily installed on your engine. Available in several different sizes and editions.

How Enginary Prefilter works
The cyclone filter is designed to remove up to 97% of airborne debris from the incoming air before it enters the air inlet system of the engine. Enginesular cyclone filters are available with heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel for rough environments such as mining, construction machinery and forestry. Enginesular cyclone filters are also available in a less expensive version with composite material for use in applications where exposure to damage is minimal.

Improved fuel economy: when air flow in the filter is prevented by dirt, combustion in the engine is reduced. Clean filter provides complete combustion.

Extended life of the oil filter: When the amount of contamination the oil has to catch, the filter will last longer.

Reduced emissions: combustion efficiency decreases when air flow through the filter is reduced. The longer the filter remains “clean” the longer the combustion efficiency will be maintained.

Can be mounted in any position, vertically, horizontally, even upside down.
Enginesular cyclone filters designed to remove most of the impurities from the intake air to the engine. Not only is the life of the filter extended, but turbochargers, compressors, cylinder linings, piston rings, and lubricating oils are protected from extreme wear caused by contamination when they do not enter the engine.

Enginear cyclone filters (aluminum and stainless steel) have been leading in removing dust and dirt from intake air since 1972. Has helped hundreds of thousands of engineers protect their machines against wear due to engine contaminants.

Below you will find out how to calculate the amount of air in the M³ / min (as found in the list above) to find the right size of the Engineaire filter for your machine. Contact us if you are unsure.

The filters can be purchased at our online store:

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