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TECHNICAL SALES AS, your partner for a clean and safe environment. We provide the ideal product for your special needs, whether you are looking for a product that will absorb oil or other types of fluid.

Below are our categories of absorbents:

Oil Only absorbent mats and rolls:

Suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, including water, as they are water repellent / hydrophobic. Oil Only often absorbs its own weight in oil and flows on water even when fully saturated.

Oil Only lenses, sausages and pillows:

These are water-repellent absorbents in the form of sausages of different sizes and diameters. They absorb oil and oil-based liquids, while also preventing emissions from spreading. Oil Only absorbent pillows are ideal for use in areas where a container is leaking or a liquid dripping out.

Oil Only Game Kit: Necessary that contains what you need when the accident is out. Packed in rugged transport bag that does not crack, so it’s easy to hand at less spills.

Oil-absorbing granules and bark:

This category consists of oil absorbents in the form of granules or specially treated bark. These can be used indoors and outdoors, as preventive measures or to neutralize emissions. Depending on the raw materials used, some granules are hydrophobic and some absorb all liquids.

Universal absorbent mats / rolls / pillows:

Used by leaks and spills to keep the floors dry and safe to wear. Universal absorbents made of 100% polypropylene absorb all types of fluids and are ideal for use in factories, garages, laboratories or other places where chemicals must be absorbed.