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General Sales and Delivery Terms – Business / Public

1. General. These general terms and conditions of sale apply to all deliveries from Technical Sales AS (“Seller”) to business or public (“Buyer”). “Business owner” means a natural or legal person who primarily acts as a part of business activities. Unless otherwise agreed, the rules in the Act on May 13, 1988, No. 27 apply to the purchase (purchase act).

2. Delivery. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery will be made to Buyer’s place of business. Unless otherwise agreed or stated in this provision, the products shall be considered as delivered from the time they are placed at the Buyer’s disposal at the agreed place of delivery. The item is considered “as provided at the Buyer’s disposal” from the time it is delivered to the Buyer’s business location, stocked or filled to Buyer’s premises, any other approved storage facility, regardless of whether this facility is borrowed by Seller or Buyer’s own property.

3. Price. Unless otherwise agreed with Seller or Seller’s Representative, products are delivered in the Agreement Period to the current price list. This does not apply to special offers and promotions. Where price is determined outside list price with a discount, Seller has the right to adjust the discount corresponding to any technical list price adjustment. Such adjustments will not affect the buyer’s net price. The seller accepts price increases due to orders from the authorities in the form of tax and / or tax increases.

4. Payment

4.1 General. Unless otherwise agreed with Seller or Seller’s Representative, goods delivered by Seller are invoiced. Where a cash payment has been agreed, the payment is prepaid, ie payment has been received and registered on Seller’s Account, that Buyer may display valid receipt for transfer to Seller’s account before delivery of goods. Payment with liberating effect can only be made to Seller’s account.

4.2 Payment Terms. 20 days from delivery date, invoiced continuously.

4.3 Withholding due to counterclaim. The buyer is not entitled to withhold any part of the purchase price due to any counterclaim.

4.4 Delayed payment. In case of late payment of purchase price, etc. the Buyer is obliged to pay the interest rate applicable at any time from the due date, cf. Act 17 December 1976 No. 100 on late payment interest rate §3.

4.5 Debt collection. In case of late payment, Buyer is obliged to replace Seller’s costs incurred as a result of extrajudicial recovery of the claim, cf. Act 13 May 1988 No. 26 on collection and other collection of overdue monetary requirements § 17-20.

5. Characteristics and Usage Information. If the product is recommended based on information provided by the Buyer or Buyer’s Representative, Seller will not respond to any loss or damage caused by defects or defects in the Product.

6. Buyer’s obligation to investigate. Purchaser shall check if the product is in accordance with the order upon taking over the product and delivery note. If the packaging is visibly damaged, please note this on the delivery note. In such cases, Buyer may only require replacement if the product is also damaged.

7. Limitation of Liability. Seller is responsible for personal injury only if it is documented that the damage is due to failure or negligence committed by the Seller or someone he responds to. Seller is not liable for damage to real property and movable property that occurs while the goods are in the Purchaser’s possession. Seller is also not liable for damage to products manufactured or processed by Buyer, or on other products in which the delivered goods are included. In addition, Seller is liable for damage to property and movable property under the same conditions as for personal injury. Seller is not responsible for Buyer’s indirect loss. Indirect losses are considered, but not limited to, loss of profit of any kind, loss of loss, lost savings and third party claims. Insofar as the Seller has to be liable for product liability against third parties, Buyer is obliged to indemnify Seller for such damage and loss as Seller does not respond to. These limitations in Seller’s liability do not apply if he has been guilty of gross negligence or intent. Seller is not liable for damage if the Buyer has stored or used the product in violation of the guidelines prepared by the Seller and / or the supplier or public regulations and regulations. Seller is not liable for damage and loss due to defects in storage facilities that Buyer is disposed of, regardless of whether the item is considered to be delivered in accordance with. Item 2. The seller can be held solely responsible for direct financial loss that could reasonably be foreseen as a possible consequence of Seller’s failure or negligence. Seller’s total liability is in all cases limited to an amount corresponding to the total invoiced amount of deliveries to Buyer for the previous 3 calendar months (excluding the calendar month when the current loss occurred).

8. Suspension of delivery obligation in case of default. In the event of default or other breach by the Buyer, Seller reserves the right to refuse to make further deliveries under this Agreement or to provide only for cash payment under the terms of the applicable price list at the time of purchase for the applicable delivery until the breach is corrected. If Buyer has failed to pay on maturity and there is an obvious risk of default due to impaired payment ability, the entire and any balance between the parties being overdue and non-delivered orders are considered only against cash payment.

9. Raising. Both parties are entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the other party materially breaches its obligations under the agreement. In the event of cancellation, the parties’ rights and obligations shall cease to be in accordance with this agreement and, if appropriate, agreement on equipment lending.

10. Force majeure. If extraordinary situations occur beyond the control of the parties and which, in accordance with common contractual rules, must be regarded as force majeure, Seller shall immediately be released for his contractual obligations until the circumstances have normalized. If Seller is affected by Product Button, Distribution or Importance, and similar circumstances as mentioned above, Seller may terminate this Agreement with 3-month written notice, or with 1-month written notice, require the delivery obligation to be fully or partially suspended until normalized, including, the Seller may make a proportionate distribution of the available stock of goods among its Buyers at any time. Both parties can terminate the contract with 14 days’ written notice if delivery according to the above is blocked for more than 3 months.

11. Sales Tent. The seller has a sales lease in the goods delivered until the purchase price plus any interest and costs is fully paid, cf. Act of 8 February 1980 No. 2 on Mortgages §§ 3-14 – 3-22. 12.


Goods from Texaco. All shipments over 300 kg delivered from main warehouse are freight free with carrier chosen by us. Orders under 300 kg are charged with £ 300 in small supplement.

Our other suppliers. Shipping from the supplier’s main warehouse in Norway is on all shipments.

Local shipping / delivery. For urgent orders and for deliveries from local warehouses, shipping will be added.

All prices are quoted ex. fees. Lubricating oil tax to the state (DKK 2.03) also comes with oil products, which are labeled with “S” in the Texaco price list. 25% VAT is payable on all items.

Exemption for lubricating oil tax applies in general: fat, form oils, white oils, metalworking oils, rust-proofing products, process-transducer switch oils.

Buyer is obliged to check the goods upon receipt. When the consignment note has been signed, the shipment is considered accepted in accordance with the consignment note. If the desired return is due to errors, we will fully refund the item and shipping costs. Return is made by carrier chosen by us.