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Pure oil lubricates better!

Improved high-performance engines and new emission standards have had a significant impact on the development of oils and oil filters.

As manufacturers continue to develop more sophisticated engines, the development of new oils and filters will continue. These new oils play an important role in protecting engines by reducing friction and wear, cooling engine parts, sealing combustion chambers, cleaning engine components and protecting against corrosion. The oil filter also plays a decisive role in protecting engines by removing harmful contaminants from the oil. Lubricating oil filters capture contaminants in two ways:

  • Some particles stick to the filter media that the oil flows through. These particles stick to the filter surface without blocking media pores.
  • Other particles are captured in the filter media from the pressure of the oil flowing through the filter.

Maximum protection
Pure oil is essential for the equipment to operate under the toughest conditions. With the demand for long oil change intervals we have today, Baldwin has developed the “High Velocity Dual-Flow” and “Severe Service®” filter. This is an oil filter designed to provide maximum filtration for today’s modern equipment.

“High Velocity Dual-Flow” spin-on design is better than standard full-flow / by-pass filter because a larger portion of the oil flow passes through a filter element with a higher efficiency and also removes a larger portion of the small contaminants .

Baldwin Filters has made oil filters for over seventy years. With more than 650 oil filters for most heavy-duty engines as well as the automotive industry, the Baldwin has the oil filter and quality you require.

Teknisk Salg AS offers filters for most industries. We supply to industries such as Industry, Construction / Transportation, Maritime, On / Offshore and Food / Pharmaceutical Industry. With us, your company can get a complete filter setup for all machines and equipment, as well as good solutions to any filter issues.

Maximum performance
Baldwin Oil Filter is manufactured to meet or exceed the original equipment specifications specified by engine manufacturers. The following data illustrate how Baldwin oil filter comes out compared to other known filter brands. The results of the ISO 4548-12 laboratory test, conducted according to Cummins Engineering Standard 10765, prove that Baldwin Filters’ High Velocity Dual-Flow® design is superior in removing particulate matter and capacity to effectively capture contaminated pollutants. The product comparison you Seeing when you click on the chart illustrate Baldwin oil filter’s superior performance.

"Bypass" oilcleaning

Offline filtering – Cleaning of lubricating and hydraulic oil

Patented “Offline filter systems for lubrication and hydraulic oil systems. Keep your oil continuously clean and dry.

GreenOil Standard is an innovative Danish company that has developed a unique and efficient cleaning system for extracting water and particles from hydraulic and lubricating oils. Easy installation, low maintenance, good operating economy ensures stable operating conditions.

GreenOil unit continuously filters the oil. Unlike traditional filtration based on absorption of water and particles in the same process, GreenOil cleans the oil in a two-step cleaning process by combining particle filtration and water separation.
By means of a “heater” the water is evaporated and particles are absorbed into the filter element. This results in a considerably better operating economy for installations where water in the oil is the problem.

Can be customized to most systems.

Examples of applications:

Engine, faucet, winch, thruster, stern pipe, powerpacks

Mobile oil cleaners with high water dissipation capacity

In case of greater water intake or emergency water removal, Green Oil filter unit type WP1-CH1-100 will be the solution. This has high capacity and efficiently removes water and particulate matter from the system. Very user friendly and efficient!

  • Can remove up to several liters of water a day.
  • Purity down to NAS Class 4 / ISO 12/10/7
  • Integrated preheater
  • Hose kit with quick connectors.
  • 3 phase, 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Weight: Only 49 kg.