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Technical Sales AS takes the climate seriously and we will be at the forefront as a supplier of environmentally friendly and biodegradable oils.

We have therefore chosen to focus on PANOLIN as our partner in these products.

As a global market leader in organic oils, PANOLIN has placed great emphasis on environmentally friendly management of resources. This line of thinking is behind the launch of PANOLIN’s sustainable “GREENMACHINE” concept.

GREEN MACHINE is PANOLIN’s new lubricant concept, which covers the entire machinery.

The goal of the GREENMACHINE series is to make machines as environmentally friendly as possible, with the highest possible technical safety and best profitability. Biodegradable biodegradability, reduction of CO2 emissions and resource protection thanks to long-term use are important elements of our sustainable concept.

GREEN MACHINE is the concept of extremely environmentally friendly machines and our contribution is the high-tech eco-friendly lubricants (ECL) with the following characteristics:

  • Rapid degradability, low toxicity
  • Synthetic, longer service life / longer intervals between oil changes
  • NEW: reduced carbon emissions due to significantly longer service life (compared to mineral oils)
  • NEW: less carbon dioxide with better fuel utilization (energy efficiency)
  • Better lubrication; less friction
  • Lower fuel consumption (fuel economy)
Carbon emissions

For 25 years, PANOLIN’s eco-friendly lubricants (ECL) * have helped to preserve the environment, and now PANOLIN will also help you reduce carbon emissions.

PANOLIN’s environmentally friendly lubricant reduces the machine’s carbon emissions by several tons.

The carbon footprint refers to total emissions of carbon dioxide generated by an activity, directly or indirectly, calculated across the product or machine life cycle.

When sustainability is discussed, the UN protocols for implementing the Framework Convention on Climate Change are all discussed. The urge to cut CO2 emissions is, and will remain, an urgent question.

Europe’s climate targets for 2020:

  • 20% less greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 emissions)
  • 20% of the total energy consumption to be harvested from renewable sources (hydropower, wind turbines, solar, biomass)
  • 20% less energy consumption

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, biodegradable oil is defined as lubricants that are quick to break down by living organisms and have low toxicity. In order to ensure that oil products do as little harm to the environment as possible, the use of biodegradable oil should be a high priority. Using biodegradable oil is widely encouraged and supported by legislation because a liter of oil can potentially contaminate up to 1,000,000 liters of water. Therefore, it is important to use biodegradable oil that meets stringent environmental requirements, but which still yields good results in all applications.

While meeting stringent environmental requirements, biodegradable oil and lubricants can allow users to operate industrial and commercial machinery and equipment without compromising productivity or incurring increased maintenance costs. Environmentally friendly, biodegradable oil and lubricants are designed to meet even the highest technical specifications for commercial and industrial equipment. Whether you want to use PANOLIN oils in the construction, marine or dredging industries, all kinds of applications are possible with the biodegradable oil PANOLIN offers.

With its long service life and good properties, saturated synthetic esters reduce operating costs by reducing maintenance requirements and improving equipment performance and service life and ensuring that critical parts of safety equipment are fully operational under the most demanding conditions.

PANOLIN biodegradable oil often meets and exceeds the quality and efficiency of conventional lubricants because they are designed to meet a wide range of technical specifications. To meet the biodegradable oil specifications, you have a very high viscosity index as well as a high flash point. They also stand out with high biodegradability, good flowability at low temperatures and can reduce the product volume lost due to evaporation. In addition, they have toxicity from low to zero. This makes degradable oils an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

Using biodegradable oil gives customers a long list of benefits. They include machine corrosion protection, longer equipment life, greater reliability and safety, and minimal pollution risk. Whether necessary for commercial or industrial use (construction, mining, forestry, agriculture, medicine, the food industry, hydroelectric dams and various marine applications), there is a wide range of efficient, environmentally friendly biodegradable lubricants. Products designed and developed in this way will exceed industry standards: lower operating temperatures, higher speeds, increased load and improved coefficient of friction. All of these performance improvements add significant value to customer operations.