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In Spindletop, Texas, Texaco saw the light of day when “Buckskin Joe” Cullinan hit a geyser of oil in 1901. More than a hundred years after the adventure started, Texaco focuses on the future without forgetting its legacy. The company has established itself as one of the world’s most recognized brands with innovative products for automotive, industrial and maritime sectors.

Texaco / Chevron’s newest premium base oil refinery located in Pascagoula, Mississippi started in 2014, making them the world’s premier manufacturer of premium base oil.

Base oil is the oil used in lubricant formulas before additives are added. Premium base oil is produced using a process called ISODEWAXING® and the end result is a cleaner, clearer oil with higher viscosity and strong resistance to oxidation. These premium products contribute to improved fuel economy, lower emissions and extend the period between oil changes.

We at TEKNISK SALG AS are proud to be part of this and can contribute lubrication advice and sales of Texaco lubricants to the entire Norwegian market.