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Ursa® Motor oil for heavier vehicles

Efficient lubrication of HD motors requires more than just making a protective oil film. High quality lubricants are also designed to remove soot and keep control of sludge and deposits and help optimize engine life.

The Ursa® premium engine oils are designed to do all this and more.

Ursa® Premium TD

Ursa Premium TD is a well-proven, stable, “stay-in-class” diesel engine oil.

It’s a mineral-based (15W-40 and 20W-50) and some synthetic (10W-40) formulation combined with an additive package designed to provide long shift intervals, protection from soot and other contaminants, as well as reliable wear resistance below hard operating conditions.

Ursa® Ultra LE 10W-30

The Ursa Ultra LE 10W-30 is a high performance engine oil for diesel engines, designed to exceed industry and engine manufacturer requirements for performance in heavy duty diesel and marine applications.

Ursa Ultra LE is formulated with advanced additive technology designed to deliver performance and protection in diesel engines that meet Euro IV, Euro V and most Euro VI * emission requirements and 2007 EPA exhaust particulate emission requirements in diesel vehicles operating on ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD). It is also compatible with previous API oil service categories, ACEA E7 Sequences and engine models.

Ursa® Ultra LE 15W-40

The Ursa Ultra LE 15W-40 is an ultra high performance engine oil designed for use in mixed machinery and marine applications. This lubricant meets the requirements for performance from a wide range of suction engines and turbocharged four-stroke diesel and gasoline engines, along with a host of older diesel engines.

* Recommendations may vary between engine manufacturers, manual and / or dealers should be consulted if in doubt.

Ursa® Ultra X

Ursa Ultra X SAE 10W-40 is a synthesis-based UHPD engine oil designed for use in Euro-4,5 and most Euro-6 diesel engines.

Made to match the latest ACEA and future ACEA 2012 requirements as well as top-tier OEM specifications for Euro IV, V and most Euro VI diesel engines. Formulated for low SAPS, DPF / CRT and SCR after-treatment systems of exhaust.

Ursa® Ultra XLE 5W-30

Synthetic engine oil based on ISOSYN® technology with a wide range of applications, from Euro-1 to Euro-6 diesel engines. Developed to provide better fuel economy.

The Ursa Ultra XLE 5W-30 meets the requirements of performance from a wide range of latest generation of diesel engines (suction and turbo engines), compressed natural gas (CNG) engines and off-highway and construction applications.

Ursa® Ultra XLE 10W-40

Designed to lubricate the latest generation of low-emission 4-stroke diesel engines with and without turbo and CNG engines.

The Ursa Ultra XLE SAE 10W-40 is a high-performance synonymous “low SAPS” engine oil for heavier vehicles. Ursa Ultra XLE SAE 10W-40 combines engine oil specifications ACEA E4, E6, E7 and E9.

Ursa® Premium FE 5W-30

Full-service UHPD (Ultra High Performance Diesel) oil developed specifically for heavier vehicles with extended shift intervals according to. engine manufacturer’s specifications.

Very good fuel and low temperature properties.

Ursa® Premium TDS 10W-40

The Ursa Premium TDS 10W-40 is a synthetic engine oil designed to meet current ACEA requirements and the more challenging OEM specifications, including the Scania LDF3 for the latest technology Euro VI engines.

Ursa Premium TDX (E4)

Semi-synthetic Heavy Duty Oil for Large Diesel Engines, formulated to meet latest specifications. Can be used for extended shift intervals according to engine manufacturer’s specifications. Meet the current ACEA requirements and the more challenging OEM specifications for Euro IV and V engines.