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ANDEROL is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality nutrient-approved oil and fat. In 1950, it was decided to go new ways in the development of lubricants and invested 100% in synthetic technology, thus holding more than 60 years of experience in technical and industrial production.

Manufacturers of food and beverages, pharmaceutical products are no longer referred to accepting reduced performance and productivity in order to comply with the law’s safety and environmental regulations. Our FDA approved lubricants not only perform better than other food grade lubricants. In many critical situations, they actually perform better than many conventional lubricants.

ANDEROL food grade lubricants can be used in the most demanding situations throughout the manufacturing process while saving time and money. Food manufacturers can now effectively meet the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety goals with Anderol’s synthetic and white oil-based lubricants.

The use of H1 and H2 food grade lubricants from ANDEROL maximizes the performance of the equipment and minimizes wear and tear without contaminating equipment or products. HI and H2 are denominations originally set by USDA and are now established industry standards such as. used by NSF International.

Using ANDEROL’s products reduces the need for maintenance, improves drive efficiency and significantly increases machine life. Overall, this provides the best operating economy.

Compressors and vacuum pumps
The wide range of Anderol® products includes more than thirty compressor and vacuum pump lubricants. These are formulated to meet the specific requirements of your machine suppliers. Whatever your compressor type; Rotating screw, shovel, or back and forth; Our lubricants provide reduced maintenance costs and significant performance benefits compared to mineral oil. Extended drainage intervals, reduced deposits, improved water resistance and superior film strength are just some of the benefits that our compressor lubricants provide.

Gears and layers
Our gear and bearing lubricants are designed to provide and maintain a consistent Fotolia 47119587 Sbarrier film on the metal surfaces that it protects, in the presence of water, steam and extreme temperatures. We have a number of formulations tailored to meet the demanding inventory requirements, and open and sealed gearboxes, including the requirements for multiple food grades and extreme pressure applications.

Our specialized chain lubricants are formulated to perform under a variety of conditions, including heavy load exposure to corrosive contaminants and sudden temperature changes. These synthetic based lubricants are considered to be the best chemistry for high temperature applications, including formulations that meet the NSF H1 Food Grade lubricant criteria.

This versatile product line includes formulations designed to meet or exceed commercial Fotolia 57167511 S specifications. Our products have good low temperature performance, and several products provide excellent friction free transmission. In addition to our low-carbon mineral oil products, we also offer products with unique properties such as heat transfer, excellent fire resistance and biodegradability.

Our fat product portfolio includes technologically advanced lubricants, all of which provide improved equipment performance, as well as reduced downtime and maintenance costs, even under extreme loads and environmental conditions. They are characterized by exceptional mechanical stability, high drop point, high load bearing performance, reduced wear and excellent resistance to water and corrosion.